JUST SITUATIONS: a performative convention
(2017, with BIPAF)
Vehicle Relocation Program (2017, with BIPAF)
Sounding the Alarm: Theories of the Anti-Sight
Practice, Practicing, and the Perpetual Becoming of Performance (2014)
Theorems, Proofs, Rebuttals, and Propositions: A Conference of Theoretical Theater (2013)
BIPAF (Festival 2013, and ongoing)
OPERATIONS + PARTICIPATIONS: A Conference of Works (2011)
MODE, METHOD, MEDIUM: A Conference of Works (2011)

In addition to the above conferences, exhibitions, and other projects, PERFORMANCY FORUM’s most dominant form has been an exhibition platform held approximately once a month, usually presenting the performance work of 3-6 artists and a public discussion.

Previous to our current location, PERFORMANCY FORUMs had been held at Vaudeville Park (2011-2013) and Surreal Estate (2009-2012) and have also been held in Berlin at Liebig12 and Meinblau, at BOB the Pavilion (the Poop Project) at Columbia University, MANA Contemporary in Chicago, CAID/Spread Art in Detroit, and elsewhere.


When PERFORMANCY FORUM began in 2009, there were few “opportunities” for local performance artists in NYC and so this series provided a high-demand supplement to Friday nights at Grace Exhibition Space (where “higher level” International artists were more often presented) and the global artworld’s few-and-far-between (and largely inaccessible and commercial) presentations of “visual arts performance.” As performance art becomes more common and mainstream, solidifying as a discipline called “Performance Art” or “Live Art,” PF evolved and continues to evolve as a self-critical organism, seeking to collaborate with performance-makers to realize performatively radical forms of exhibition, transmission, relationship, exchange, and interface for projects inherently responsible for their own modes of practice and production (durational work, social projects, collective and collaborative actions) and maintain an “undercommons” of politically and socially engaged performance artists predominately outside of/ art markets, academia, and other institutions. Proposals for participation in PERFORMANCY FORUM monthly platforms are accepted on a rolling basis (see the “participate” tab above)